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What are Warrants?


Arrest Warrants

There are two ways that you can get arrested for a crime in this state: 

1) By committing the crime in front of an officer or;
2) If a judge issues an arrest warrant.

If a police officer believes that you committed a crime -- outside his/her presence -- the officer will meet with the District Attorney to discuss the case. Before the officer is legally allowed to ask for an arrest warrant he/she must have "probable cause" or a reasonable suspicion to believe that you committed the crime. A D.A. will review the officers information and if the D.A. believes that you should be arrested, the D.A. and the officer go to a judge and ask for a warrant to be issued.

If the judge thinks there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that you committed the crime, he/she will issue a warrant for your arrest. Once issued, an arrest warrant authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest and detain you.

If you currently have a warrant for your arrest in California, a defense attorney can usually bring you directly to court to get the warrant recalled. I can ask the judge for a bail reduction or an "OR Release," to keep you out of jail while we answer to the criminal charges.

Bench Warrants

Unlike an arrest warrant, a bench warrant isn't issued in response to a suspected crime.  Bench warrants are issued for failure to appear in court and failure to pay fines. Judges also issue bench warrants in domestic violence cases where a defendant violates a court-issued protective order.

When a bench warrant is issued, like an arrest warrant, it authorizes law enforcement to arrest you and bring you before a judge. The judge may release you on a warning or may hold you in custody..

When you fail to obey a court order (such as paying a fine or failing to appear for sentencing), you are considered "in contempt of court."  As a result, having a bench warrant subjects you to a probation violation, county jail or state prison time, fines, and/or a possible Drivers License suspension from the DMV.

If you have a bench warrant for your arrest, a defense attorneys can go with you to court to clear the warrant. Often, we can work with the judge and prosecutor to address the situation that led to the warrant, and keep you out of jail.

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