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The Federal government has over 100 different offenses that they may charge you with under U.S. criminal codes. These crimes often involve activities that either cross state lines, involve a federal agency, or involve the Internet. The most common cases prosecuted at the Federal level include drug trafficking, bank robbery, and internet pornography. 

It is essential that you retain counsel immediately if you become aware that you are under investigation by a federal agency like IRS, DEA, or ICE. Jason L. Beckner Esq. has an LL.M. in Trial Advocacy from California Western School of Law where he received enhanced criminal defense and trial skills and techniques by some of the best legal minds in the country. Call now for a free consultation with an aggressive advocate that will fight for your rights!

Listed below are just a few examples of crimes which may result in Federal criminal charges:


•    Accounting Fraud
•    Antitrust
•    Tax Crimes
•    Computer Crimes
•    Controlled Substance Violations
•    Conspiracy
•    Corporate Crimes
•    Drug Manufacturing
•    Espionage
•    Export/Import Crimes
•    Bank Fraud
•    Securities Fraud
•    Social Security Fraud
•    Health Care Fraud
•    Immigration Law Violations
•    Internet Fraud


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